How to Participate

There are many ways to become involved in the movement to drive safely. 

Here are a few ideas to inspire your creativity and help you spread the word about South Dakota BUPD!

For Indviduals and groups: 

You can participate by... 

  • taking the pledge
  • challinging friends and family to take the pledge
  • uploading your story, photo, or video 
  • posting your story, photo, video, challenge to social media using the #WhyIBUPD, #SDBUPD, #SDBUPDChallenge
  • using 'do no disturb' on your phone when driving
  • speaking up as a passenger to remind drivers to BUPD
  • using the BUPD cling as a reminder
  • creating a habit by modeling the habit
  • spreading the word using our talking points
  • knowing how to properly use your seatbelt and doing it

For Businesses, Organizations & Schools: 

You can participate by... 

  • becoming a safety sponsor
  • hosting a pledge drive
  • introducing the initiative to people within your organization
  • sending the pledge to others
  • implementing a policy or becoming a policy partner
  • using our resources and took kit to  spread the word
  • offering an incentive to employees or customers that pledge 
  • sharing our ready-made social media posts or your 'thumb up, thumb down' photo on social media using the #WhyIBUPD, #SDBUPD, #SDBUPDChallenge
  • creating an awareness contest for BUPD and sponsor a prize (contact us for more details) 
  • displaying one of our posters, banners or yard signs
  • visiting our website and encouraging others to do so